Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exhibitor Spotlight: Cowgirl Chile Co. Jewelry

Laura Rutkowski, 
Cowgirl Chile Co. Jewelry
Years of Participation in the Arts Fest: 

About the Artist or Work: 
I'm constantly striving to make something beautiful and meaningful. Sometimes someone will tell me that they wear a piece of my jewelry every day. Or that a piece of my jewelry has helped them through a rough patch in their life. It's then that I know what I'm doing is really working and that my jewelry has meaning for my customer. I believe all jewelry has the potential to become a personal talisman for the wearer. Jewelry marks times and occasions in our lives and because of that, it's important. I do a lot of reading about ancient civilizations and the jewelry that was buried in tombs and graves. It fascinates me.
Where do you find your inspiration?  
Lately much of my inspiration has come from studying the jewelry produced by ancient civilizations. I've had a lifelong fascination with history and have spent a lot of time looking at artifacts and jewelry in museums and, when at home, books. I'm always fascinated and inspired that people have worn beads and jewelry since prehistoric times. On a recent visit to The Smithsonian I marveled over a tiny bone bead which was found in a cave dwelling. That one little bead was so inspiring because I love to imagine the caveman or woman who tied it around their neck on a piece of sinew, and thus adorned themselves with their own personal talisman.

Favorite Shop or Restaurant in Doylestown:
I love Kawa Grill for delicious Indian food. They will make it as spicy or as mild as you want. The portions are huge and they have incredible vegetable samosas that I'm sort of addicted to. Well, I'm also partial to their naan -- especially their cheese naan. It's hot and buttery and the kind of food that feeds the soul. Because they are located right next to my studio and shop, it's also really convenient. I've joked with the owners that we could install a door between our walls and they could just hand the food to me through the wall.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Patricia Allingham Carlson

Patricia Allingham Carlson
Years of Participation in the Arts Fest: 
About the Artist or Work: 
Watercolor painting of people, nature and spirit
Where do you find your inspiration?  
Inspiration for art is generated by the act of living; seeing, touching, hearing, existing in this beautiful, poignant, fascinating world. Nature, faces, emotions all warrant art exploration.

Favorite Restaurant or Shop in Doylestown:
Peace Valley Lavender Farms

Exhibitor Spotlight: Megan Horan

Megan Horan
Years of Participation in the Arts Fest: 
About the Artist or Work: 
I started creating jewelry about 9 years ago. I initially made pieces with semi-precious stones and crystals but quickly became enamored by seed beads and bead weaving. Over the years, I have continued to grow with my beadwork and now "paint" with beads using bead embroidery. Please stop by my booth to say hello and to see some of my latest creations.
Where do you find your inspiration?  
I love to let the stones and fossils I use in my bead embroidery dictate the way a piece will turn out.